Gethsemamnesia - by Daniel J. McDonald

Do you ever feel like your prayers aren’t answered?  Do you ever feel like God isn’t there and, if he is, he doesn’t care?  Do you ever feel isolated and lonely … like nobody cares and nobody understands?  Dan felt this way after battling severe and debilitating lung disease for many years, watching his father break his neck and become a quadriplegic, losing his life savings in the Great Recession, and experiencing a host of other personal and family setbacks.  Dan was ready to give up on God because he felt God had given up on him.  It seemed that nothing he had been taught in church about God, prayer, how to have success, and how to feel connected to God was working.  He felt alienated, isolated, lonely, and, at times, angry.

Dan decided to give it one last try.  He went back to the basics and studied the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, focusing on the human dimensions of the Savior.  What he learned changed everything.  Dan learned that even Jesus felt the way that he did at times.  He learned that it’s normal to feel the way he did.  But, most importantly, he learned the perspectives and techniques that helped Jesus not just endure mortality but to thrive and prosper, while finding lasting peace and happiness.  He applied these new ways of thinking and looking at spirituality to his own life and felt happy, connected and at peace with God and his own mortality.  Soon after finishing Gethsemamnesia Dan’s lung disease worsened and he was required to undergo another surgical procedure to prevent further damage to his lungs.  Unfortunately, during this surgery his vagus nerve was damaged through no fault of the surgical team (it’s just a known complication from the surgery).  This led to paralysis of his entire GI tract and the gastroparesis/EPI that he now endures.  Everything he wrote about in Gethsemamnesia and all of the peace and happiness he had gained from it were put to the test.  Fortunately, everything Dan learned and wrote about in Gethsemamnesia passed the test, and Dan continues to be at peace with his trials and with God.

The ideas and concepts Dan wrote about in Gethsemamnesia are game changers for those who suffer.  If you are looking for a new paradigm–a new way of thinking about suffering, mortality, and the dark trials of life–because what you’ve been taught isn’t quite working, then pick up a copy of Gethsemamnesia and begin your journey toward finding lasting peace and happiness. Gethsemamnesia should be required reading for all those who suffer and struggle, which is all of us.  To read an excerpt, check out the free previews on or now!

An excerpt from Gethsemamnesia:

“God’s role is not primarily to create or change your circumstances.  It is to help you cope with them.  His power is most strongly felt not in creating the massive crystal chandelier of our existence or even suspending it, but in restoring it when we or others have shattered it into a million pieces.  He does not conduct the orchestra of life.  He gives us earplugs to alleviate the noise and clatter of a symphony run amuck.  God does not will life’s messes.  He is the humble and helpful janitor, who faithfully arrives on the scene to help you clean them up.  God does not cause or will suffering but uses it as a venue for communion with mortals.  So saying that ‘everything happens for a reason’ makes as much sense … as blaming the paramedics for the accident.

Random suffering is simply part of mortality, an inevitable byproduct of agency.  But that doesn’t mean suffering has to be completely senseless.  Those who suffer often ask, ‘What am I supposed to learn from this?’ I think the better question is, ‘What can I teach?'”