What Does It Mean to Be “Built to Love?”

What Does It Mean to Be “Built to Love?”

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We are built to love. We are built to love in the sense that we are the object of God’s affection. (John 3:16.) We are built to love in the sense that we are inherently equipped and expected to love one another as mediators of God’s love. We are built to love in the sense that love is the purpose of our existence. This is what we were born to do. This is who we are. It’s who you are. However, the clutter, stress, busyness, general grind and trauma of life covers and hides our true selves to the point that we forget to love and forget how to love. Being “built to love” represents an ideal. This ideal is personified in those who have actualized their innate potential, remembered who they are, remembered to love, and remembered how to love. Those who are built to love have the ability to voluntarily trigger the innate goodness that seems to manifest itself almost automatically and instinctively in the midst of trauma and tragedy. But it’s more than that. It’s having the ability to be that kind of person on a daily basis. If you are serious about living the second great commandment, as taught by Jesus, then join the discussion and learn how to become built to love today!

Dan_quitting_is_unacceptable_croppedWhy is Dan’s Perspective Unique?

In the summer of 2015 Dan was told he had approximately two weeks to live. He was slowly starving to death. His body was in a catabolic state, literally digesting itself to stay alive. He had lost more than 90 pounds in less than six months and was suffering from a host of other medical problems. Through faith and determination, and by applying the timeless truths he has been taught through his suffering, Dan is now thriving. Dan suffers from several rare conditions, including paralysis of the stomach, which make it nearly impossible for him to eat food and cause him to survive upon a feeding tube and infusion pump, which drip feeds prescription formula through a surgically-placed port in his small bowel for more than 17 hours per day. Despite these and other major health challenges, personal setbacks and other trials, Dan is happy and hopeful. His passion in life is to encourage and motivate others to find happiness and peace through learning how to love others and becoming built to love.