I Need Your Help!!!

I Need Your Help!!!

Dear Friend:

I need your help. Download my Help Me Packet to learn more about how you can help. In an effort to avoid a life-threatening condition and end my decades-long battle with lung disease, I had reconstructive surgery of my esophagus, stomach and diaphragm in May of 2014. The surgery—which was a very complicated and delicate procedure that took the better part of a day—was successful in stopping the progression of my lung disease. Unfortunately, however, my vagus nerve, which innervates the entire digestive system, was inadvertently damaged in the process through no fault of my excellent surgeons.

My stomach and most of my digestive system is paralyzed. I have pancreatic failure and mild liver disease, among other medical conditions. My body cannot process fats or fibers. By July of 2015 I had lost 90 lbs. I was slowly starving. I was in a catabolic state—my body was digesting itself, including vital organs, to keep me alive. After a week-long trip to the Mayo Clinic and consultation with teams of doctors at several different hospitals, a feeding tube was surgically placed in my small bowel. I now survive on prescription formula that drip feeds through an infusion pump which slowly injects the formula into my small bowel for 17.5 hours per day at a rate my body can absorb. Because my pancreas does not work, I have to inject artificial digestive enzymes twice a day to break down the formula so my body will absorb it. If you’ve seen the movie Miracles from Heaven, the girl in the movie had one of the medical conditions (GI dysmotility) that I suffer from. You can also read more about my story on my about me.

My enzymes, alone, cost $780.00 per month. My medical bills have been in the tens of thousands of dollars each year for each of the past three years. I am only able to practice law part time inasmuch as managing my medical condition is my new part-time job. Through it all, I have been blessed to learn what brings true happiness in life and I want to share that message with as many people as I can, as quickly as I can. That’s why I wrote Built to Love. That’s where I need your help. Please accept this book as a token of my love and respect for you. Please read it. If you like it, please consider buying bulk copies to give as gifts for friends and family. Click here to learn more about Bulk Book Pricing. If you feel the message is worth sharing, please help me leverage my time by using your influence to help me share my message with the world. I’ve enclosed a “How can you help?” sheet that will give you some ideas for helping me share my message. Thank you for helping me and my family!

With much love, Dan.

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