To those of you who feel invisible, consider this. It takes tremendous courage and discipline to be comfortable with being small and ordinary and to delight in being unseen and unrecognized, which are marks of true discipleship. A life of holy but largely unacknowledged influence means you are living as an emulation of the Holy Ghost; that you have taken seriously the charge to always hold His spirit within you. You cannot be big enough to consciously make yourself small without embodying Christ’s spirit. You cannot get to that place of smallness without finding Christ there. The moment you have the courage to let go of the ego’s thirst to be something big or to be something more is the moment that you find Him again. It’s the moment you become big again. (Matthew 23:12.) I hope this has encouraged you somehow.

40 thoughts on “Inconspicuous

  1. Are you still with us? Where did you go? We love you and look forward to your next post during this scary time. How do we love six feet apart? We can’t send cards or take food to others… any tips?

    1. Bianca, thank you for reaching out to me. I am still alive. I have been going through a strange time for the past few months. I have been deeply absorbed in study, reading and research. Every time I would go to write it’s like something came over me that said “not now.” And then I would have an extreme stupor of thought. Also, as I have witnessed the increasing polarization in our world I have felt, at times, like blogging about loving one another was a bit like arranging deck chairs on the Titantic. But your kind outreach has now inspired me to do better. I hope to be sharing more in the very near future. I hope you are well. God bless. Dan

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