Training and Speaking Events

Training and Speaking Events

Dan would love to share ideas and continue the discussion with you! He is an experienced facilitator and entertaining presenter, who can speak, offer group training and classes, or lead group discussions.  No group is too small, for Dan truly believes,  “where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  (Matthew 18:20.)  Dan can cater any presentation to meet your needs.  His goal is to help you feel God’s love and come away feeling uplifted, motivated and inspired.

He frequently teaches and lectures about the four-chambers paradigm.Chambers of the Heart

The Predominant Chamber Three Feelings:

Everyone Matters
Everything is Awesome

The Predominant Chamber Four Actions and Feelings:

Everything Counts
Expect Nothing

Although Dan has his own faith tradition, he espouses ecumenicalism.  He is not out to proselyte and will be sensitive to the needs, traditions and beliefs of your particular group or congregation. His goal is to promote loving and to help unlock your ability to love, not advance any particular theological agenda or religion. Group discussions and presentations, while utilizing the New Testament teachings on love and service found in his book, are non-denominational (but Christian) to the fullest extent possible. Courses and presentations range from single speaking engagements to an eight-lesson “boot camp” on becoming built to love, and can be customized to meet your needs.

Summer 2017

April 3-7 – Las Vegas

June 6-8 – Chicago

Summer 2016

June 27 – Los Angeles

June 30 – Kona

July 5 – Los Angeles

July 28 – Idaho Falls

August 2 – Chicago

August 4 – Alnwick (UK)

August 8 – Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)

August 10-11 – Edinburgh (UK)

August 12 – Chicago

For more information about upcoming events and availability and to let us know what you need, call 801-610-0011 or email us today at